About Us

Underground Beaver was formed when a group of four local businesswomen (Joline Atkins, Cassie Brkich, Kristin Stanzak and Meg Merriman) came together with a bushel of ideas for town events due to their shared loved for our community neighbors and local businesses district invigoration.

On the front lines, event planners, Cassie and Joline, are continuing to carry that mantle with the goal of generating enthusiasm and commerce for the businesses in our area and creating experiences that will inspire and thrill guests of our town.

What happens when a web designer, and fitness and wellness coach, combine creative forces? Wouldn’t you like to know? Come join us for one of our events and experience their energy firsthand!

See you there!

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UB gals at work. (Cassie & Joline)

UB gals at work. (Cassie & Joline)